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Data Recovery Services

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We provide AFFORDABLE Data Recovery Services for all Brands and all Formats. If the data is unrecoverable there is NO charge!
There are Several levels of service to fit your needs. Beginning with simple data recovery of deleted or reformatted data through failed hardware failure!

Media OK
Deleted or erased Hard Drive with NO Physical or Logical Failures $ 150.00
 Media Failed
CD $ 500.00
DVD $ 500.00
Floppy Disk $ 350.00
JAZZ 1 $ 750.00
JAZZ 2 $ 850.00
Zip 100 $ 350.00
Zip 250 $ 450.00
Zip 750 $ 650.00
Hard Drive - Economy Service Logical Failure only $ 800.00
Hard Drive - Economy Service Physical Failure $1400.00
Hard Drive - Priority Service Logical Failure only $1300.00
Hard Drive - Priority Service Physical Failure $1800.00
NON Opened Flash Memory Cards $ 550.00
OPENED / BROKEN Flash Memory Cards $ 650.00
NON Opened Micro Drives (1" Hard Disk Drives) $ 650.00
OPENED / BROKEN Micro Drives (1" Hard Disk Drives) $1350.00

Contact us for an appraisal and price quote for recovered Data. Remember, if no Data is Recoverable NO CHARGE! Call 1-530-846-2289 for quote. Technicians available 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM Monday through Friday Pacific Time.

After hours and on site rates available! Just leave an EMERGENCY Page and our Technicians will call you back and make EMERGENCY arrangements for your DATA Recovery.